Zody Cabs

In Collaboration with “I’M Zodian”.

Zody Cabs Services

Hire a Zodian

Hire a Zodian to Drive your Car.

Book your ride

Book a cab for outstation trips.

Rental Booking

Rental Car Booking for Tri-city.

Why choose Zody Cabs?

Zody can is collaborated with I’m Zodian, an NGO well known for its activities to improve the social life. We are highly professional and we strongly believe in adhering to social values. The profits generated by Zody Cab shall be invested back into society, as a part of our constant endeavor to build a society where every individual is safe, happy, and prosperous. Next time you opt for a cab ride, choose Zody and you will contribute to society.

Zodian Equipments

Zodian Uniform

Zodian ID Card

Body Worn Camera

Reflective Vest Belt